Our Story

IBP Partners assists companies and brands to enter new markets and expand their businesses internationally

IBP Partners provides three key services:

  • Specialised advice and support to companies expanding overseas.
  • Assistance in navigating national and international institutional frameworks, like the European Commission, public agencies for international development, and sectors-specific organisations, in the markets of your choice.
  • Promotional and networking opportunities through trade shows, events and specially convened business meetings.

We understand that international business expansion can be a long, expensive and uncertain process, but the right advice, support and resources can make all the difference to your success.

That’s why we formed IBP Partners. IBP Partners is a global network of business specialists experienced in international trade advice, support and sourcing. Through this network, we can provide your team with the services and support you need to successfully position your organisation in new overseas markets, on a long-term basis.

We specialise in: Market Research, Intelligence, International Business Development, Product Strategy, Deal Brokering, Networking, Partnerships, Events, Entry Strategies, Facilitation and On-Field Support.

We are experienced in
: Digital & Internet business, Defence, Security, Aerospace, Infrastructures, Life Sciences, Agriculture.

We focus on
: Europe and Indonesia and have valuable partners in Latin America, Africa and Asia to take your projects globally in no time.

Is your company ready for international expansion ? Contact us today to see how we can assist: world@ibppartnfk.cluster020.hosting.ovh.net.

Local Knowledge

We have a large network of local experts and contacts in markets across the globe and are well known in the regions where we operate. Let us do the research for you and present you with all the latest insights about the topics, industries and market sectors that interest you.


We work hard to create durable and long-term contacts in the regions in which we operate, so we can connect your business better. This means we deal regularly with government and local authorities, and actively network with entrepreneurs and international business executives.

Global Reach

We have strategic partnerships with companies in South America, Africa and Asia with whom we can collaborate to take your project globally, quickly and successfully. You tell us where you want to go, we’ll make it happen.