Market Entry

Market assessment and development strategy.

IBP Partners is your partner in international business success.

We provide the advice, resources and support your business needs to help you break into new international markets. Before your business makes its first commercial contacts, IBP Partners’ business specialists and sectorial experts:

  • Carry out an operational analysis of the market you are interested in.
  • Identify opportunities to be seized and barriers to be lifted.
  • Recommend the quickest, most relevant and most efficient strategic approach.

Through our local offices and knowledge of local business networks, IBP Partners gives you easy access to the market, saving you precious time as you develop your business.
So if you want to succeed in new markets and accelerate your business growth, we are the partners you are looking for.

Our services include:



Market entry strategy

Defining your international development strategy
Market assessment
Distribution strategy and advice
Product registration, customs regulations and associated taxes
Monitoring of competition

Sales development

Research, evaluation, and selection of local business partners (agents, importers, distributors)
Setting up your distribution networks
Sales support at trade shows
Support in business meetings and negotiations (sales, linguistic, legal, and financial support)
Monitoring operations and driving your local sales network

Finding suppliers

Locating and selecting suppliers
Negotiation support
Setting up sourcing
Operational control